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Types of Financial Aid

Paying for your education may seem like a difficult task. The least expensive option for Alaskans is to attend one of the schools in the University of Alaska system. Even these schools can cost more than $25,000 per year for tuition, books, and room and board. Students who choose to attend a private school in Alaska, or a school in a different state, often have expenses much greater than this.

But the cost of education does not need to be an insurmountable obstacle to reaching your education goal. There are many financial aid options available to students to help make the cost affordable.

Financial aid refers to money that is either given or loaned to students to help pay for their education. Some financial aid is need-based, some is not. Some financial aid is specifically geared toward helping specific groups, such as minority students or students in health professions training programs.

There are seven major types of financial aid available. Many students receive more than one type of aid.

Students may also elect to secure employment on campus or in the surrounding community to help pay for their education. This can help supplement living costs and other incidentals, although employers may or may not work around the student’s class schedule.

Note:The College Grants Database gives a comprehensive overview of the different types of funding available to students attending college.  The website includes direct links to the major federal programs, as well as information about applying for funding for specific careers (such as nursing), funding for minority students or other disadvantaged students, and funding for particular types of schools. There is a wealth of resources on this site. Check it out: 


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