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Health Careers Overview

Professional Activities

  Each career provides a description of the job responsibilities and activities for each health career. In addition, when possible, information is given about the type of organizations within Alaska that employ professionals from this health career.

Educational Requirements

Education and certification requirements for each career are listed in this section. Suggested high school courses that will help increase success at the college level are also described.

Academic Programs

Academic programs available in Alaska are listed for each health career. If in-state programs are not available, out-of-state programs are listed if known. Contact information is also included.


Each career povides a list of contact information for state and national professional organizations related to that individual health career.

At a Glance

Hourly wages published are from the Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development’s annual Alaska statewide wage rate, unless otherwise noted. The ranges are given from the lowest paid to the highest paid using the 10th and 90th percentiles. (For example, at the 10th percentile wage, 10% of all wage earners in that occupation make that wage or less. At the 90th percentile, 90% of all wage earners make that or less.) A mean wage is also listed in parenthesis.

A one page PDF file is also found in this box. This is meant to be downloaded and used for informational purposes. The information in the PDF file is essentially the same information you will find on the career page. PDF files are updated on an annual basis as the career information is updated.

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Health Careers By Years of Education

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