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We believe in you and the success of your future in Alaska! We know that you are not alone in your search for answers about going to college and choosing a career. This section has been created to give you information about preparing for life after high school.

Should you go to college? Yes! Start thinking and planning now for college. Even if you don’t know what you want to do, plan as if you will go on to further education beyond high school. Higher education, such as college, a vocational-technical school or a specific career training program, is available to everyone. By continuing your education, you will have choices and a greater range of job opportunities. You will have options that you didn’t think were possible!

How can you pay for college? Financial aid, grants, loans and scholarships are available to more students now than ever before. Remember, every student’s financial situation is different. Don’t assume school will be too expensive. Check out the resources listed in this guide and see if your school counselor can help you find more.

Why consider a health care career? The most rewarding experiences and satisfying careers are in health care. You can make a difference in the lives of people in your community! Alaska needs more nurses, medical support professionals, primary care doctors, dental workers, and behavioral health workers to provide health care for its residents. Health careers in Alaska are some of the best and most secure jobs available today. These jobs offer long-term security because they are in high demand and the need is growing. Employers are especially interested in training local Alaskans who are more likely to stay in our state. Click on the Careers tab for information about specific health careers and where you can get trained for those careers.

Where do you start? Start with believing in yourself! You can start preparing for college as early as the eighth grade. It’s important to take classes in high school that will prepare you for college-especially math, science and English classes. Plan your progress on the high school timetable included in this section.

What if I don’t know what I want to do in college? Sometimes even as a senior in high school, it is hard to decide what you’d like to study in college. Begin by looking at the things you like to do. Do you like to work with people or by yourself? Do you like to analyze things in detail? You may want to take an aptitudes or skills test to help you figure out what you would enjoy doing and which skills you have. If you are interested in going to college, but don’t have a major quite figured out, don’t worry….you’ll have time in college to explore options and change your mind. Most students spend the first year of college, completing basic college courses, called GERs (general education requirements), courses all students are required to complete.

Who can help you? Many adults in your life want to help you to prepare for success after high school. They may be your parents, a family member, an elder, a neighbor, a teacher, a counselor, or a person of faith. Talk to them about what you want to do after high school. Ask them for their ideas. This web site can help you, too.

It is important to have a goal to pursue and a direction to follow. You can always change your mind and fine tune your thoughts as time goes by, but it really helps to have a starting point to work from.

We wish you the best and hope our information will help you in your journey!

High School Students Overview

A High School Timeline

This timeline is meant as a planning tool for high school students preparing for college. The timeline is divided into grades 9-12 and semesters and is geared for students attending high school in Alaska.

Words of Wisdom

Many tips, thoughts and first impressions of college are given here by students who have been involved with University of Alaska’s Native Student Services. Read these comments and know you are not alone when you embark on the college experience!

College Planning Links

This page will take you to a list of direct links to the University of Alaska campuses’ admissions, financial aid, housing, and student support services. It also includes some other state and national college planning websites that have some great tools to help in your search for colleges and the planning process.

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Helpful Resources

A High School Timeline
Words of Wisdom
College Planning Links