Physical activity at low temperature

It cannot be concealed that a reduced temperature, let alone a cold weather, is not conducive to physical activity outdoors. This does not mean, however, that we should give up completely – quite the opposite! Thanks to physical exercise, we will very soon see the first positive health results, as well as spectacular physical and visual effects, moreover, it’s through training that we build the body’s immunity. When the weather is good, we have a lot of possible solutions to choose from, from roller-blading to biking, jogging, walking or playing football. However, when the temperature drops, and outside it gets really unpleasant, our well-being also decreases, and the body becomes exposed to hypothermia, frostbite, infections, viruses and bacteria. It’s worth to work in such a way as to improve your fitness and shape the figure, while building resistance. A very advantageous training solution during cold weather can be various types of sports and recreation facilities, such as: swimming pool, gym, sports hall (football, volleyball, tennis, and basketball), kart track, fitness club (Zumba, Pilates, aerobics, and yoga). It’s also worth looking for in more selected places, e.g. in dance schools, where we can learn new techniques, as well as improve already existing skills in the rhythm of your favourite music.

The house is not a fortress

We often complain about our body – we think it’s too thick, too thin, too muscular and too slender, we talk about changes, although we do not make any steps to make them happen. But when it comes to us, that a cold weather, or lack of financial or any other possibilities do not interfere with the practice at home – we are looking for a lot of excuses that could somehow justify us. Usually, we want to give an alibi to ourselves not to feel remorse. But when we dare to start, and motivation and pride grow, we start to feel the first effects, we feel better, more confident, more attractive, our muscle mass increases – everything starts to make sense. Physical activity strengthens, builds the immune system, makes it not susceptible to diseases, infections, viruses and microorganisms to the same extent as originally and that it can fight them at an express pace. The house, in a cold season, does not have to be a fortress isolated from the world, in which the only thing we have is a TV, computer and a warm blanket – of course pleasure, it’s also part of life, but the figure will not build itself, and pride and satisfaction after all the effort are simply priceless.


For any physical activity, regardless of intensity and form – appropriate supplementation should be used, especially that during the cold weather our immunity is poor and the body is more susceptible and exhausted. Supplementation during training depends on its intended use, because there are both supplements for weight reduction and its increase, i.e. ‘muscle pump’. Nevertheless, it’s worth to include both vitamins and minerals, which are never too few. What’s more – dietary supplements regenerate the body during the post-workout period, supplement deficiencies, soothe the muscle fibres, and fill the inter-tissue spaces.