The effect of vitamins and minerals on the body

It’s worth starting with what vitamins are. Perhaps it will seem trivial to us, because these substances are known by almost everyone around the world, probably from an early age. Very often, however, we do not realize how many positive values ​​and good effects for us are able to induce these inconspicuous elements. Vitamins are substances fundamentally and undeniably necessary for the proper development of the body, its growth, the occurrence of all changes and the implementation of processes. There is no doubt that full-blown doses of both vitamins and building minerals should be delivered to the body with regular supplementation.

Supplementation – a source of health?

Vitamins, especially vitamins A, E, D, B and K, as well as minerals, with particular reference to: chlorine, silicon, iron, zinc and magnesium, calcium and phosphorus – are the basis for all the regularities in the body. They’re also worth reaching for when the stress level increases with us when it’s winter and there are strong frosts – to strengthen the body and build its resistance, with intense effort, when we want to supplement deficiencies or regenerate the body and when we strive to cleanse the body from toxins. Vitamins and minerals should also be used after the disease, in order to give the body time to properly regenerate, stabilize parameters, catch stabilization and achieve the daily norm. Magnesium is worth supplementing because it’s the main bone-joint material, while potassium is a component of salt in the body, calcium enhances growth and development, phosphorus is a source of DNA and RNA, sodium allows the use of cell membrane potential, while chlorine provides adequate water management, vanadium, which is said little, although it’s very beneficial – it lowers blood pressure, thus preventing heart attacks. However, this is not all, it’s worth adding that chromium – regulates cholesterol in the body and prevents its excessive growth, while iron – produces the necessary haemoglobin for us, zinc – has an effect directly affecting the development and condition of the foetus, iodine and selenium – support the work of the thyroid and are also excellent to strengthen the immune system.

Lack of vitamins and minerals – effects

The effects of vitamin and mineral deficiencies in the body can be different. Sometimes they are temporary, in other cases they remain permanently. One of the first signs of deficiency is a significant decrease in immunity, which results in diseases, inflammation, fungal conditions and anaemia. In addition, our skin, hair and nails are then in a critical condition, the ends become split, the nail plate rough and brittle, and the skin prone to flaking and a lot of imperfections. In the absence of vitamins and minerals, our well-being is significantly reduced, we feel drowsy, lethargic, apathetic and nervous, and we have no desire or energy. In the case of such a turn of events, our internal organs, and especially the most important ones – the heart, liver, kidneys and brain – begin to work in a significantly slowed down, handicapped and irregular way. We have, among others, problems with concentration, memory, logic and balance. As you can see, we cannot afford to neglect the supplementation of vitamins and minerals, we cannot downplay their shortages or insufficient value – this is important for us, if not the most important element of everyday life.